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PD Life app review: management tools for Parkinson's patients



If you suffer from or are a caregiver of someone who suffers from Parkinson’s disease then the PD Life app is a wonderful tool for you to have. It allows for real-time management of Parkinson's through a variety of features, tools, and options. Living with PD is challenge enough so why not at least make the challenge as easy as possible?

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PD Life


Parkinson’s Management Tools

The PD Life app is about making living with Parkinson's as worry-free as possible with the organizational and management tools found in here. You will be able to track, record, and schedule information that works for you and your needs. If you are a caregiver then all this same information can be used to help you provide your patient with the best care possible.

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There is an added section in this app that allows people to give back to the community and help to understand PD by taking part in surveys. These are brief surveys that help shed light on living with Parkinson's and can be very useful for sufferers and caregivers to read the results of.

Now what should be noted about this app is that it is unique from any other in that it is collecting data in a real-time basis. This has never been done before but the hope is by doing this the disease can be better understood and researched further. Don't worry: the data is kept anonymous and this is an opt-in feature so you don’t have to share your data if you don’t want to.


Useful Features

I like that the app has plenty of useful features; I just find it takes a lot of input, fiddling around, and time to get things where they should be. I can see this working for a caregiver but I'm not quite sure a Parkinson's patient would want to go through this full process and on a regular basis.

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Information you can track here include timing your on/off periods, your PD Life Scare, and your symptoms and side effects (handy to share with your doctor). You can also track when you take your medications. When you have a doctor's appointment scheduled you can take your mobile device with you and refer to the data you have logged so you don't forget anything.

Each and every medication you take can be tracked and recorded here. You can set up a medication reminder so you don't forget to take them on time.


PD Life


Pros and Cons


  • Track and record a variety of information
  • Take your mobile device to doctor appointments to share information
  • Ideal for Parkinson’s sufferers and caregivers



  • There is a lot to enter data-wise
  • The app takes a lot of time to navigate



Final Words

I find the PD Life app to be one that is probably very helpful for caregivers to ensure medications are given on time and all information is recorded and tracked. I think as far as the Parkinson’s sufferer goes, there are far too many steps to follow and I wish this had been more user-friendly.


PD Life

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