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All-in Fitness app review: your own personal trainer



If you are looking to make some lifestyle changes and want to improve your health and fitness by working out it can be hard to know where to start. Gym memberships are expensive nowadays and the gym hours don't always work with your schedule. Instead, you can download the All-in Fitness app that provides you with 1,000 exercises and workouts along with helpful tools. There is even a social network where you can stay motivated and share and get advice and tips.

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All-in Fitness: 1200 Exercises, Workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI calculator by


Portable Convenience

Not every person out there who wants to work out is a “gym person.” Some people feel more comfortable in the privacy of their own home. Then again maybe you already have a gym membership but want a way to stay true to your healthy living styles when traveling or are unable to get to the gym. An app is perfect in a sense that it is portable; therefore, you can take it with you no matter where you go.

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The All-in Fitness app has already created quite a following with more than five million downloads so far. For a limited time you can even get a discount on the app price as well as some free content.

Another cool aspect of this app is its sharing capabilities. You can share your progress through Facebook which is great if you happen to have a work-out buddy or you are just trying to encourage your friends and family to become more active.


What’s Included?

So of course you are probably wondering what’s included in this app. As mentioned you will be provided with more than 1,000 fitness and even yoga exercises that you can do. These exercises can be done by women and men. Each of them is categorized by equipment and muscle group so you can find the ones you specifically want and need. It is presented as an HD visual/audio encyclopedia. If you want to perform a whole workout there are 100 you can use in the app or you can customize your own and then save the workout.

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It's more than just exercises though: this app also provides you with tools such as a calendar you can use to track your workouts, a body tracker to keep track of your results, and a BMI calculator. The Vitamin calculator is a neat tool that is able to give you advice on what you need in order to meet your goals. Meanwhile the social network allows you to chat with others, upload pictures, and like and comment on pictures.


All-in Fitness: 1200 Exercises, Workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI calculator by


Pros and Cons


  • Loaded with exercises and workouts
  • Customize your own workout and save it
  • Additional tools/resources to help you meet your goals
  • Offers a social network community
  • Offers logs, trackers, and calculators



  • Some of the exercises may be a bit too advanced for beginners


Final Thoughts

The All-in Fitness is a beautiful looking, fun-to-use app that can really help you meet your fitness goals and stay motivated in the process. It offers a wide range of tools that make the app that much more useful.


All-in Fitness: 1200 Exercises, Workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI calculator by

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