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Hobby Lobby app review: encouraging your hobbies



Do you consider yourself somewhat of a hobbyist? Is sitting at home and scrapbooking, making jewelry, or gift baskets your idea of a good time? If so the Hobby Lobby app is your go-to app for all things hobby related. Use this app to find Hobby Lobby stores that are located near you, view the latest sales and deals, and plenty more. This app is all about encouraging your hobbies and making sure you have the tools and supplies you need at a reasonable price.

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Hobby Lobby


Your Craft Superstore

If you haven't visited a Hobby Lobby store then you may not realize that it is filled with more than 65,000 items in the departments of hobbies, crafts, wearable art, fashion fabrics, jewelry making, picture framing, and so much more. It's definitely not your run-of-the-mill arts and crafts store; it takes the items much further than that. People of course love the store for its quality but also its diversity of products so that you don’t have to go running around town to find all the items you need.

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And let’s not forget that you can view all the latest deals, promotions, and coupons on this app so you can save money on your purchases. The Hobby Lobby prides itself on offering brand new deals each and every week.


Using the App

Using the app itself is extremely easy as there aren't a lot of categories here. When you launch the app you are taken to the main menu where you can view your gift cards, see a store locator, collect coupons, check out the weekly savings, and view a feedback section. It should be noted that this app doesn't list any actual products and inventory so you won't be able to shop from it.

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One thing I found disappointing was the lack of photos here. When you are viewing the weekly savings and coupons it would be nice to see photos of the items that are being listed; instead, it’s just text. As well there is no way to read additional information about sale items. This app is almost like reading a big flyer; however, a flyer would at least have photos.

The store locator is handy and easy to use as it gives you a quick way to find the store closest to you. The ability to save your gift cards in the app is also handy so you can always view your balance.


Hobby Lobby


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • View all the latest deals and coupons
  • Use the app to find nearby stores
  • Store your gift cards in here so you can view the balance



  • There are no photos to accompany deal details
  • The deals are lacking in information and details on the products
  • You cannot shop from the app
  • The user interface is very dull


Final Thoughts

The Hobby Lobby app is basically nothing more than a glorified flyer. I feel like it has missed the mark in a few areas and although it has potential it has a long way to go in order to be a relevant app.


Hobby Lobby

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