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WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker Nashville weather app review: extensive weather reporting for residents of Nashville



If you happen to live in or around Nashville then you’re definitely going to want to keep this app handy on your iPhone. It lets you receive push notifications alerting you of any impending severe storms in your area and gives you access to up to seven days' worth of weather forecasting for your locale.

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This is a very nicely designed weather app which definitely offers something above and beyond the very generic and repetitious nature of the Weather category of the App Store.

The extensive severe weather condition reporting alone definitely makes this app an ideal choice for those of you who are concerned about storms, flash floods, tornadoes, and the like in your local area, so I would definitely recommend checking out if this sounds like you.

WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker Nashville weather


It's a Nice Day in Nashville

When you first start using WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker, it will use your device’s integrated GPS in order to determine your current location so that you can get relevant weather information right away.

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This app also utilizes the SAF-T-Net system so that you can “receive exclusive, no-cost severe weather alerts for your home, school, GPS location and more.” This enables you to receive Push notifications for “severe storms, wind shear, as well as tornado probabilities and National Weather Service warnings.”

If you choose to activate these notifications, you’ll be taken to the Alert Settings section where you can fully customize which weather phenomena you receive alerts for, and which locations you would like to have covered.


View Seven Days of Weather Forecasts

In terms of the actual weather forecasting functionality of this app, you will have access to seven days worth of forecasts.

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This isn’t as much as the 10 days that many comparable apps offer, but I definitely think that the detail of the severe weather alerts coupled with the awesome interface make this trade-off more than worthwhile.

If you just want to know the current weather conditions then you can visit the Current section of the app to view details such as the temperature, Feels Like temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, barometric pressure, and much more.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can also share these weather reports with your friends and family online via Facbeook, Twitter, and email.


WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker Nashville weather


Pros and Cons


  • Extensive weather reporting for residents of Nashville
  • Weather forecasts available for up to seven days ahead in a variety of great visual formats
  • Receive personalized severe weather notifications via the SAF-T-Net system
  • Share content with others online via Facbeook, Twitter, and email



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker is definitely one of the better weather forecasting apps that I’ve been fortunate enough to review in recent weeks, so it definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me.


WKRN WX - News 2 StormTracker Nashville weather

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