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Playstation App review: just in time for the Playstation 4



Just in time for the launch of the PS4, Sony has launched the Playstation App which allows you to connect to your Playstation Plus account and so much more via your iPhone. Sony could have just stopped there; instead,  the company included some great surprises in the Playstation App which perfectly compliments this next-gen system.



There's New Content And I'm Not At Home

If you are at all familiar with the look of the Sony dashboard, first used by the PS3 and now utilized in a variety of Sony hardware including the new PS4, then the Playstation App interface will be nothing new for you at all.

The Playstation App's layout is a perfect replica of the famous dashboard shrunk down to fit in your hand. The greatest part about this is not only is there no learning curve for any Sony user, the developers have included every single action you can do via the PS4 dashboard and your Playstation Network (PSN) account.

This includes and is not limited to browsing upcoming games and downloadable content (DLC), adding other PSN users, and chatting with your friends. All of it is here and you don't have to be anywhere near your system to use it. 

Even if it's a new game or DLC for a title you already own, simply log on to the PSN and select the item you wish to download away you go. When you return home the game, movie, or other content will be on your system waiting for you to install.


Controllers Can Be A Pain

The nice little addition to the Playstation App exclusive to the PS4, and trust me I am praying that the add this for PS3 console owners in subsequent updates, is the ability to use your iDevice as a keyboard. Yes Playstation users, we are no longer under the thumb of using our controller and the GUI to type in text. Now you can simply sync your PS4 to your Playstation App via Bluetooth and you have a wireless keyboard. I can actually picture how easy it will be to navigate Netflix. Until now I searched via my MacBook, then typed it into the Playstation interface on the PS3 to watch it on my HD television.




Pros and Cons


  • Get everything you want and expect from your Sony dashboard on your iOS device
  • Purchase games, movies, and DLC via the Sony Store and it will be on your console waiting when you get home
  • Sync your iPhone to the PS4 via Bluetooth and use your phone as a wireless keyboard



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Thoughts

The Playstation App delivers on so many levels, and is the best way to stay contacted with the PSN, its users, and all the latest on the Sony Playstation 4. If you own a PS4 or are planning to buy one, the moment you get it home and begin to set it up download this app. You won't be sorry. It is the perfect compliment to a next-generation gaming environment.



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Matthew MacCallum

Matthew MacCallum is an award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and comedian. He is a lifelong Apple products user and has vowed never to seek help for his App addiction.