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Red Karaoke app review: become a recording artist



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a music recording artist? Here's your chance with the Red Karaoke app: it allows you to sing a song while recording it. There is a free song given to you each day so you can always enjoy something fresh and new. Of course the karaoke app comes with added features and options such as the ability to add in real-time effects while you're belting out your tune.

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Red Karaoke Sing & Record


An Impressive Catalog

As mentioned, with the free karaoke app you'll be given a new song each day that you can sing for free. Of course this may not be enough for you and if that's the case you can upgrade to the VIP subscription. This package allows you to sing anything from the catalog and you get unlimited access. What's really convenient is that it also works offline. There is a variety of subscription packages available ranging from $1.99 to $44.99. Packages available include weekly, monthly, or annual. Keep in mind once you set up an account/subscription you can use it on all your iDevices plus singing on the web, and SmartTV apps.

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So what kind of music can you expect to find here? Well the good news is that no matter what your musical tastes are you'll find songs. All the top genres are covered including Rock, Country, Pop, Dance, R&B, Gospel, Latin music, and plenty more. As well the app supports a number of languages.

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The Singing Experience

When you launch the app you will need to sign in, which can be done using your Facebook account if you choose. You'll still need to add a bit of additional information, but this process is quick and simple. Depending on which package you are using you will either move on to sing the free song of the day, or access the entire catalog.

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Loading the songs is rather slow unfortunately and I have had to try loading the same free song many times before it works. It seems other users have experienced this same issue and even have issues with it crashing.

Once the song is loaded you are then able to adjust the sound setup and effects, which are applied in real-time as you sing. The app will be recording you the whole time (video) so you can not only hear but see how you did. You also have the ability to adjust the key of the song so that you are able to sound your absolute best. The font size of the song lyrics can be made smaller or bigger to suit your preference.

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Red Karaoke Sing & Record


Pros and Cons


  • One of the easiest karaoke apps to use 
  • Get a new free song every day
  • Add real-time effects to your song
  • Adjust the key
  • Adjust the font size of the lyrics


  • Lyrics are slow to load
  • App has some issues with crashing according to some users

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Red Karaoke app can be a lot of fun on your own or with a group of friends. My only wish is that it was a smoother user experience. For me, if it had a better user experience, then I would consider it as possibly the best karaoke app

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

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