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Cool iPhone apps for remembering birthdays


If you are terrible at recalling your friends and families special dates then there are of course some cool apps for remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Of course, “poking” or hitting the “like” button is a bit like saying I can’t be bothered to call so why not actually send a more personal message by giving them a ring or a special personalized eGift.   Occasions
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering BirthdaysPrice: $0.99 Current Version Ratings: 3.5/5 from 36 So basically Occasions does what it’s supposed to do. By syncing up with all your 1000’s of friends on Facebook!, or just your close friends which you can count on one hand, depending on your choice of “push” notification, either a pop up or a sound or badge will alert you that their birthday is imminent. It has all the fancy customizing thingy’s like creating lists of families or friends or if you cant remember the name of your nephew you can label them as nephew – oh dear – with an easy intuitive interface to navigate about.   eAnniversary
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering BirthdaysPrice: $1.99 No customer ratings yet It’s always nice to go with some customer reviews and ratings especially before using an app you have to pay for but as it was released at the end of 2011 there’s still time. Well, like Occasions it pretty much does the same except your push notifications on the upgrade include an option to “instantly” send an sms – bit impersonal , send an e-card- bit less so, send an email- getting better or a phone call- that’s more like it! Note: Syncing with FB doesn’t appear to be working so having to manually type in your vast online phonebook will be too much effort – check for fixes.   Kiddori
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering Birthdays$0.99 Current Version Ratings: 5/5 from 6 Kiddori is a new a fun and more personal way to remember the dates, upcoming age, Chinese and Zodiac sign, likes and dislikes and more for your nephews and nieces and cousins and friends kids etc. Unlike most other apps where they want you to add all your friends from Hi5,hotmail,friendster,Facebook,LinkedIn etc from the last 10 years – this app lets you concentrate solely on your close family and friends. Be that killer God Father and never forget your mates son’s Birthday again!   Reminder Free
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering BirthdaysPrice: Free Current Version Rating: 3/5 from 7 Finally a free app to help you remember those close to you, Reminder Free uses its own internal database so you can input as many contacts and events as you like without messing up your own lists. The interface is clean and as you scroll through your lists of friends there’s a cute little image which gives you the number of days in counting till their big day – should you have to get something in the post. You can obviously import contacts so you don’t have to start afresh. And you can post best wishes to their facebook wall!   Birthday Reminder
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering BirthdaysPrice: Free Current Version Rating: 3 from 9 Like Reminder Free – it’s free, and does pretty much the same but the interface is more geared to women. It has some great free giftcards which you can pick and choose from which are quite girly and fun, and the whole display speaks of celebration! Available in many different languages there’s no reason not to give this a try as it’s free and fun to use.   eGift
Cool iPhone Apps for Remembering BirthdaysPrice: Free Current Version Rating: 5/5 from 9 Only recently released this new birthday app reminder for iPhones and iPads is looking to be one the best apps out there. What’s different is that you can send a birthday egift from their catalogue which are in serious HD definition so if whosever  birthday it is has an iPad then the gift will be visually extra special.  

Cool iPhone apps for remembering birthdays


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