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Guitar Room app review: have fun with virtual guitars



Have you always wanted to play the guitar but you're missing a few key elements such as a guitar and the know-how? Well don't let either of those factors stop you because you can use the Guitar Room app in order to play music chords and songs. There are a variety of virtual guitars to choose from here such as electric, classical, jazz, and acoustic. This app strives to not only make a fun experience for users but also a realistic-feeling one.

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Guitar Elite - free chords play center of ultimate acoustic & electric guitars


A Realistic Experience

When you think about playing a guitar and creating music it's hard to imagine that you could have a similar experience virtually, yet this app manages to do that. Of course it’s not going to be exactly the same but you will get a very real feel for how it would be if you were playing an actual guitar. You'll be impressed by the features, function, and sounds this app delivers.

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There are plenty of customization features here as you can build you collection of guitars that allows you to create more and more sounds. When it comes to playing the chords, the app matches your finger positions thanks to its smart chords feature. Within this app you can learn to play song chord sets and progressions. You can add your own chord sets and edit the progressions featured in the app.


Plenty of Features

As mentioned there are a bevy of features and functions to play with here that enhance the overall experience. You will be able to customize your screen looks since there are 30 chord buttons, you can display all your guitars in your "room,, and enjoy studio-quality recording sound.

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I have to agree with users on this review that in general this is a very solid offering that features incredible sound, a realistic feel, and just a whole lot of fun. I have no experience whatsoever playing a guitar yet can still figure this app out without issues and even create some very cool sounds. Now I don't think I could replicate that on an actual guitar but that's a whole other story!

This is a free version of the app so some of the features aren't available. There are in-app purchases you can make that allow you to open more chords and guitars. These purchases range from $0.99 to $2.99, which seems quite reasonable if you enjoy this experience.


Guitar Elite - free chords play center of ultimate acoustic & electric guitars


Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and smooth user experience
  • A variety of chords and guitars to play
  • Realistic sound and feel
  • A variety of customization feature



  • The free version of the app offers limited access to features/functions
  • There have been bugs in previous versions of the app; supposedly these have now been corrected


Final Thoughts

The Guitar Room app is just an overall fun experience that allows you to see what it would feel like and sound like to play all kinds of different guitars. The app is very simple to use so you can focus on creating some great music.


Guitar Elite - free chords play center of ultimate acoustic & electric guitars

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