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Sleeping U app review: your quit-snoring solution



Do you snore on a regular basis? Does your sleeping partner constantly complain about the volume of your snoring on a nightly basis? If so it's time to combat the problem and quit snoring. The Sleeping U app gives you a way to monitor your breathing and sleeping patterns so you can fight your snoring and even sleep apnea. There’s no reason you or the person lying beside you should have to lose any sleep thanks to this app.

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Sleeping U


Improve Your Breathing Through Monitoring

So far this app has managed to help more than 100,000 people reach better sleep by improving their breathing while they are sleeping. It's incredible how helpful monitoring your breathing patterns can be. The way the app works is by recording your sleep and monitors it. If you suspect that you snore, or you know for a fact you do, then you will want to give it a try. As well it helps with other sleep disorders. The app will stay "alert" the whole time you are sleeping. Not to worry even when it's in sleep mode it will still be monitoring your patterns.

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The next morning when you wake up you will be able to view how often you snored, how long you slept, how many nudges you may have received, and even how loud your snoring was. You can graph this information out which makes it easier to view and read.


Can It Be Effective?

Of course the question is whether or not this app is effective. The user ratings are a bit mixed on this app. Most likely if you are your partner snores you are probably willing to try any technique that can remedy the situation. Considering this app is free you really have nothing to lose. It requires no effort on your part to monitor your sleep patterns.

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Additional features of the app include being able to view a history of your sleep sessions, zoom in and move around on the sleep session graphs, listen to your sleep sessions, and even make your own notes on sessions.

This information can be used to discuss with your doctor so you can work together to come up with a solution or you can even use this information yourself to work on where the issues lie. The problem is that it doesn’t offer any actual solutions as far as steps to take to help curb snoring.


Sleeping U


Pros and Cons


  • The app is able to record your sleep session even when the device itself goes to sleep
  • Store recorded sessions so you can view the history
  • View sessions on a chart that you can zoom in on and pan
  • Listen to your recorded sessions



  • There are no tips or instructions on how to stop snoring and fix the problem


Final Words

The Sleeping U app can certainly shed light on your sleeping patterns which can help you in finding a remedy for them. While it can’t fix your problems it may lead you in the right direction.


Sleeping U

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