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Best iPad apps for long haul flights


If you've ever been on a long flight before without something to amuse yourself with, then you'll know just how painful it can be. You'll never again wish you hadn't forgotten the Xanex when you've got your handy-dandy iPad. There are so many apps to keep you preoccupied, but bear in mind that battery won’t last forever. That said, what’s wrong with reading an eBook! Of course, if you'd rather play games, then go nuts. OK, so frequent fliers occasionally give feedback on the net on what saved them on their 13 hour flight to Sydney and here are some apps which they suggest:    
Best iPad Apps for Long Haul FlightsFruit Ninja
Price: $0.99 This game believe it or not is the most popular app in almost 10 countries globally and No’2 in a further 8 including the U.S and China. The aim of the game is simple. Perfect your ninja skills by slashing as much fruit as possible. You have the fruit ninja sensei that will hone your skills and make you simply one of the finest slashers of mangostein to grace this world! The graphics are simply stunning especially on an iPad and kudos to the developers for making this app free. Remember, this is an adventure so as you journey through the battles of serial fruit slicing, bombs and other obstacles can quickly knock you off your perch. Perfect for a stupidly long flight.    
Best iPad Apps for Long Haul FlightsSpotify
Price: Free If you need to work on organizing and adding to your music collection then the long flight is the perfect time to exploit Spotify. The only problem is that you can’t download a ton of free music but stream and listen to them while online, or save them to listen offline – but saving means storing not downloading. It’s a great way still to plan what playlists you want for certain times and a reminder of what tracks you might like to download in the future.    
Best iPad Apps for Long Haul FlightsDraw Free for iPad
Price: Free If you want to get creative on your flight you can do some drawing on your iPad. Nothing like Windows Paint, this app  - being on an iPad – obviously lets  you use your fingers or touch pen to do the drawing with any medium you choose such as water color, chalk, crayon, pencil etc You can also integrate other forms of media such as sounds and/or video, your own photos or magazines to create something unique. Maybe it’s a return trip back from your holiday and you want to compile a collage of your most treasured moments with your friends or someone special. This is definitely an app which will eat up the time as being creative can kill hours without you realizing.    
Best iPad Apps for Long Haul FlightsContract Killer
Price: Free As free fighting games go, this is ranked right up there. At just over 500Mb it’s quite a heavy app but that just demonstrates how detailed this game is. Slung into the world of cool-headed calculated killers, you have to take as many headshots to progress quick to keep yourself alive. There are 17 missions to complete and over 20 heavy weapons to choose from. The downside to this app is that some of the weapons are built in in-app purchases, restricting you from progressing as far as you want to go if your skills aren’t up to scratch. You can however “disable” in-app purchases before you start playing so you just play for free as if this option weren’t available. From 441 ratings of its latest version update it averages 4.5 stars out of 5 – approximately 293 five-star ratings – so it is extremely popular whether playing the free or paid version. Another great long haul flight distraction.   Reprinted courtesy of

Fruit Ninja


Draw Free for iPad

Contract Killer

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