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Ourcast Weather Forecast App Review


Ourcast Weather Forecast App ReviewOurcast is one of the few free weather apps which gets some great rep from iPhone consumers who use this clever application program to check to see if you’ll need an umbrella for the dog walk or the all weather kit for the golf tournament this afternoon. The only downside to this app is that it can only be used in the U.S, so people in Asia or Europe will not be able to put Ourcast to use to predict the weather over the course of the next two hours. Hopefully future upgrades will allow this weather predictor to expand North American borders. However, for those lucky enough to be based in the States, Ourcast features include the ability to scan a ten minute weather forecast which will predict what your local weather will be like over the next couple of hours. You can track a storms progress, get updates shared on social media networks in your area and also share your own weather conditions so others can get pinpoint accuracy on local weather conditions. As a free app, which comes with no up-sells, in-app purchases or crazy bugs or crashes, released in April 2012, its rapport is pretty solid. Future upgrades  are set to feature push notifications of incoming rain, snow or strong storms. Badges will also be awarded to user’s who participate regularly allowing them to earn higher ranks as their credibility is enforced. The interface is beautifully laid out in a simplistic design that lists the local temperature in your area, the potential of rain or snow whether it might be drizzle, light or heavy plus the dBz precipitation readings. dBz – weather babble for the chance of rain or snow is probably the hottest feature on this weather forcast app, as it has high success rate of predicting weather correctly. Altogether, probably one of the best free local weather forecast apps for U.S citizens. You can download it at iTunes app store.  

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