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ABC7Chicago News app review: incredible Windy City news coverage



The ABC7Chicago app for iPhone and iPad brings all the news coverage you’ve come to love from your favorite Chicago news team. Whether you want the sports scores, the weather, or are just looking to see the latest news stories in and around the tri-state area, then this is the app you need.

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ABC7Chicago News


Easy To Use Chi-Town Coverage

Each and every article in the ABC7Chicago app is brought to you by the staff you've come to trust. With an extremely easy-to-use interface you can track whatever story you are looking for in mere seconds.

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The Home screen will give you all the stories that are happening right now. Through the menu you can view every news topic, with it's own specified subsection, to get the news stories you want, when you want it.

Each and every story is provided in stunningly high quality video. With hardly any buffering issues, this is one of the best ways to get all the stories from the Windy City you care about. There were one or two instances of audio drift during video playback; however, these were so few and far between it was hardly a drawback.

So Much More Than Your Standard News

ABC7Chicago also allows you to view your favorite ABC national shows like Good Morning America, LiveWell, and Windy City Live where ever you are. Just scroll down the menu and underneath the list of Sections you will find a Shows category. From here you can enjoy any of the associated national ABC broadcasts and networks you want, including ESPN.

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A really great addition to the ABC7Chicago app is the Chicago Area Radar feature in the Weather section. It provides you with a real-time slide show of weather systems and temperatures for both the tri-state area, and across the nation. So whether you want to see conditions for today, tomorrow, or the rest of the week, ABC7 has all the information you need in an easy-to-understand live action Doppler radar. If you’re looking simply for the overview of temperatures, just tap the tab at the top to be treated to a weather graphic; this provides you all the information you need for today, tomorrow, and the entire week.

ABC7Chicago News


Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Great in-depth news coverage from your trusted Chicago ABC affiliate
  • Multiple ways to get your weather coverage both locally and nationally
  • Includes many other shows from the ABC network to stream on the go



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Thoughts

I review quite a lot of these news apps and the ABC7Chicago News is the cream of the crop. With so many extras and the top-notch coverage you've come to expect from your ABC Chicago news team, this app is a must-have for anyone who lives or travels in the Windy City.

ABC7Chicago News

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