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Invoice ASAP for PayPal & QuickBooks app review: invoice even on the go



Sometimes you need to be able to work even on the go, and that may include such things as managing your customer profiles and even invoicing. If that's the case the Invoice ASAP for PayPal & Quickbooks app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, allowing you to seamlessly conduct business from any location. In fact it’s so simple and seamless that your customers will have no idea that you aren’t sitting at your desk staring at their file.

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Invoice ASAP, Invoicing & Estimates with Payments


Business on the Go

In today's busy world it seems like more and more people need to be able to conduct business even while on the go. Your work day is no longer defined by you sitting at your actual desk. This app makes it possible for you to put together an invoice and then send it to your customers. The invoice is stored as a unique URL/Website, which is completely secure. When the customer receives their invoice it is a link to the web document.

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The app doesn't just let you create an invoice; it also allows you to store the data on the Cloud and you can actually manage your customer data even on the go. This app is compatible with QuickBooks which means you will be able to sync your data and have it available to you immediately.


User-Friendly Tools and Features

To make this app feel even more authentic when it comes to invoicing you will be able to attach voice memos and photos to your invoices, plus it can capture your signature so you can even add that personal and professional touch. You can easily and quickly link up these web-documents/invoices with a merchant account or your PayPal. This is meant to make payment from the customers smooth and simple. When they pay their invoice, go ahead and mark it as "paid" in their profile. You will never have to scramble around trying to remember what has been paid and what hasn't just because you aren't in your office.

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Additional features include being able to add a company logo to your invoices and the fact you have unlimited Cloud storage, which is a huge bonus for business users.

The customer response is a bit mixed on this app. It seems people either love it or hate it and the reason being is that it isn't always stable. While some people experience no issues others find it crashes repeatedly. My experience has unfortunately been mainly negative and getting past the login screen has proven to be challenging.


Invoice ASAP, Invoicing & Estimates with Payments


Pros and Cons


  • Manage customer invoices from anywhere
  • Send web-invoices to customers
  • Include signature, logo, voice memos, and photos in invoice



  • The app is not stable and often crashes


Final Thoughts

The Invoice ASAP for PayPal app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has the potential to be a great business tool but developers really needs to work on the app being more stable and reliable in order to move ahead of the pack.


Invoice ASAP, Invoicing & Estimates with Payments

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