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John Piper Daily Devotional app review: get a better insight into the Bible with this no-frills app



If you are seeking a no-frills daily devotional, the John Piper Daily Devotional app for iPhone and iPad could be exactly what you need. Each day you will be treated to a verse or passage to reflect on.

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Daily Devotional Written By The Man Himself

The John Piper Daily Devotional app is a way to partake in your daily devotional wherever you are. Each day John Piper will provide you with a Bible verse and accompanying commentary for you to reflect on. These commentaries are designed to put a fresh look and understanding of the Bible in your daily life.

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Whether the verses come from the Old or New Testament, Piper draws specific examples of how this message translates to a modern lifestyle. By utilizing stories from his own life, and situations experienced by Piper’s friends and family, he draws specific comparisons from the scripture to how God works in your life.


Just Text, No Graphics

There are literally no bells and whistles in John Piper Daily Devotional. The entire app is text-based. By stripping all the unnecessary graphics and animation this app allows you to focus on the Word, and the Word alone. Although some sort of eye-catching illustration would be nice, I completely understand the developer’s choice to present the app this way. This app is about a daily reflection on the Bible, and nothing more. 

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Solid Joys | Daily Bible Devotional


Pros & Cons


  • All of the devotionals are written by John Piper
  • A good way to study the Bible wherever you are



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Thoughts

John Piper Daily Devotional app for iPhone and iPad is a great way for Christians to reflect on Bible passages on the go. With its lack of graphics and illustrations this app allows you to focus on what daily devotions are all about, reflecting on the stories and lessons from the Bible.


Solid Joys | Daily Bible Devotional

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