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Make A Face App Review


Make A Face App Review Make a Face Price: $1.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later Created by Kenneth Garzo, Make a Face is an app that divides a face into four quadrants, then uses preloaded or new images to rotate the quadrants, therefore creating new faces and endless combinations.  It is a creative way in which to see how others' faces mold and mesh with our own, our family member, friend's, or any head shot. Centered off of the nose, you can select which photos to use by dragging photos from the Library bar on the left side of the screen into the Active bar on the right side.  If you want to quickly move all of the photos from one to the other (and vice versa), simply tap the arrow buttons on either side of the screen to move the photos.  If you want to create your own image without the app randomly generating pictures, tap and hold a photo to select it, and then drag it into one of the four quadrants on the screen.  Upon releasing the photo into one of these quadrants, that specific quadrant will show that portion of the photo you selected.  You can also allow the app to assemble series of photographs on its own, creating some fun combinations with the pictures in the Active bar.  You have the option to pause, speed up, slow down, or scroll through the randomized photos at any time by using the bar at the top.Make A Face App Review When you would like to take a picture to use in the app, simply click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.  Your camera will immediately open, and on-screen instructions will guide you on how to take a picture to use in the app.  After a few simple adjustments (like dragging and dropping the cross-section icon on the bridge of the nose) your photo is added to the library.  If you become confused, you can always consult the "Help" option under the Settings portion of the app.

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