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Instagram App Review


Instagram App Review Instagram Top 100: Ranked #8 on the Top 100 Free iPhone Apps List as of July 18th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 3.1.2 or later Is there anyone out there who hasn’t given Instagram a try? For those who have used the popular app, you already know what the buzz is about. In fact, 50 million users are fans of the app, using it to create and share incredible pictures. Not only is the app fun to use and a great way to show your photos, it’s also completely free. With Instagram your photos will literally look like a professional photographer has shown up, adjusted the lighting, and used the best quality lenses for the pic. The results are absolutely stunning. You can use filtered effects or even a tilt-shift blur effect to completely change up a photo and make it a masterpiece. You’ll be turning ordinary, everyday photos into pieces of art you’ll want to share with everyone. Thanks to this app, you can bring out the inner photographer you’ve always had buried inside. Other custom designed borders and filters include the XPro-II, Rise, Sutro, Amaro, Earlybird, Hudson, 1977, Inkwell, Walden and plenty more. The radial and linear tilt-shift blur effects are meant to create extra depth of field.Instagram App Review Sharing photos is easy, as you make use of a photo stream. Follow your friends and family as well so you can see the incredible stuff they’re managing to capture. Take advantage of instant sharing via Posterous, Tumblr, Foursquare, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. Uploads are unlimited, so you don't have to keep track. Be sure to comment and like the photos your friends are posting and they’ll soon be doing it right back to yours. This is an opportunity to really get creative with your photos while sharing your new-found passion with your contacts. Thanks to Instagram, you’ll never have to worry about taking a boring picture again!

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