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CSR Racing App Review


CSR Racing App ReviewCSR Racing Top 100: Ranked #17 on the Top 100 Free iPhone Apps List as of July 18th For: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3rd generation/4th generation, and iPad Get behind the wheel of your dream car and step right into a high-paced drag race with the CSR Racing app by NaturalMotion. This app is sleek, stylish, and oh-so-stunning thanks to the gorgeous graphics and even more stunning collection of high-class cars. Not only is this app visually appealing but it’s also addictive thanks to the high-paced gameplay. You’ll be racing in the likes of an Audi R8, a BMW M3, or a Chevy Corvette. These cars are made all the more exciting with the upgrades you can add, such as aerodynamic adjustments to help you beat the toughest of opponents, nitrous injection, and turbos. Some of the other cars you can race include models from Ford, GM, and Nissan. Your role is to step up to the crews that are now running the city and challenge them. This app plays more like something on your game console rather than your iPad or iPhone. It features next-gen lighting and retina resolution, teamed up with revolutionary graphics. Upgrading your car plays a key role in this app, as you need to think strategically as to what will give you that edge and have you racing out in front of your opponent. Even once you install those upgrades on your vehicle, you still need to think when and how you’re going to use them because if not used correctly, your race is as good as done.CSR Racing App Review You’ll start to learn your driving style and that will determine the type of upgrades ideal for your vehicle. Keep in mind that every single car is different and unique and therefore a universal upgrade isn’t the answer. If you’re looking to have your car noticed, take advantage of the custom paints, license plates, and decals. The whole time you’re racing you’re being watched by the ruling crew and its bosses. As you beat each of the crew members you’ll eventually need to go up against their bosses to win over the district.

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