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Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy app review: a thoroughly enjoyable and educational app for your little one



Covering basic concepts such as shapes, colors, and numbers, Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy is a fun and engaging app featuring the Laugh & Learn Puppy.

To be honest, the existence of the Puppy was questionable until I realized he is an add-on which can be enabled via an in-app purchase. I wouldn't say that he vastly improves the user experience, but if your child is particularly fond of cartoon puppies, it may be worth the money.

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Play Modes

The home screen of Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy consists of four options: ABC, 123, music, and shapes/colors.

The ABC section goes through each alphabet with the presenter's voiceover along with a colorful animation of the object. For instance, A for Apple has the animation of an apple with a friendly centipede emerging from within.


The Shapes & Colors feature presents the image of a shape and the presenter's voiceover naming the shape. When you tap on the screen again, she will tell you the color as a prefix to the shape, for instance, the first shape is a “diamond” with an orange kite as the image.

On a side note, is “diamond” even a shape? Shouldn't it be rhombus? I also saw a “moon” shape when it should really have been called a crescent.

Anyway, the presenter says “diamond” and when you tap on the picture, she says “orange diamond.” After three shapes, there will be a song recapitulating each shape and color into your child's memory.

Unfortunately, none of these modes can be exited without shutting down the entire app and then restarting it. Each song or exercise just goes on until it's finished before returning to the main menu.


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Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 1
Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 1

In-App Purchase: Apptivity Puppy

Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy is a free app and I feel that the in-app purchase is quite redundant after using the Apptivity Puppy. The only way it will enhance the user experience is if your child is particularly fascinated by cartoon puppies.

This Puppy's paws can be tapped in order to play with the various buttons and icons on the screen. He also sings and dances for you through four different songs. A secret feature I found was that he will giggle in the most endearing, enchanting way if you simply tilt the screen to landscape mode. How cute!


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Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 2
Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 2

Pros & Cons


  • Teach your child alphabets, numbers, shapes and colors through a single appearances
  • Provide your child with a fun, engaging, and animated experience
  • Enjoy an awesome user experience without the need for an in-app purchase



  • The play modes cannot be exited without quitting the application
  • Conceptual inaccuracies such as “diamond” shape and “moon” shape


Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 3
Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy screenshot 3

Final Words

I think Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Puppy is awesome for any kindergarten or preschool baby. I have used it while babysitting with a fairly high success rate at keeping children engaged and interested in learning. It's a really great tool for any parent, teacher, babysitter, aunt, or uncle to have on their iPhone or iPad, and it's free, so it's definitely worth trying out to see if your baby's preferences match up with what this app delivers.


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