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Photo Editor by Aviary App Review



Aviary is basically the mobile version of the Aviary Tools Suite of your web browser. As a heavy iPhone user, this app certainly has the sleekest interface out of all the photo apps. It has a clean and user-friendly design, and the speed is remarkable, making it a super handy tool to have if you need to edit photos quickly. Editing photos is fast and easy with its “Cover Flow,” a strip showing all your recent snapshots.

Photo Editor by Aviary


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Tapping on a photo will automatically take you to the editing page which has a number of familiar tools, such as Effects, Enhance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Stickers, Orientation, Sharpness, Draw, Text, Redeye, Whiten, and Blemish. This is when you can let your creativity run free. The “Draw” tool lets you create an image directly on the photo using different sizes of paintbrushes.

You can also use the paintbrush to whiten and brush off blemishes. Another special quality of this photo transformation app is the layering ability. Apply a tool to enhance or correct a photo, and then save it. You can open the image again and layer another set of filters, until you have the image you want. Other apps would require you to save the image then another import to apply a second filter.

Although this photo editor app for iPhone is pretty amazing considering its free price tag, you also have the option to avail yourself with three more filter packs at $0.99. The filter packs are called Grunge, Nostalgia, and Viewfinder and have six filters each. The response to this app is very positive and users are clamoring for an iPad version. The developers have responded by promising to optimize it for iPad in the near future.

Photo Editor by Aviary


Photo Editor by Aviary

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