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Great Little War Game App Review


great little war gamesGreat Little War Game Price: $0.99 For: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3rd generation/4th generation,iPad The app is essentially a virtual war game that so far has a ton of reviews and with just a couple of in-app purchases, seems to keep the gamers happy with no real complaints from the over 11,000 reviews left by users. The aim of this “great little war game” is a 3D-based strategy game app with comedy and excitement all rolled into one. Its core features include multi-player mode, skirmish mode, multiple terrain types, extra campaigns available at cheap in-app rates, and no annoying birds or zombies. The latest upgrade was released in March this year with various missions used to capture the enemy, embark on SAS-style raids from behind enemy lines, with 20 missions to really test if you're up to scratch. Simply download, take your position next to your battalion, and show leadership by taking on the approaching enemies. The latest reviews are positive, and the graphics on the iPad retina interface leap out in 3D mode, which is what sets the iPad new display screen apart from other tablets. Customer reviews are solid as stated but it is a bit chunky  at 35 MB. There are a few profanities and senseless but amusing acts of violence, so playing this game is best left to the parent's discretion, even though it is rated for 9+.Great Little War Game App Review Aside from the minor crude humor, it’s rated as one of the best games alongside SuperStickManGolf with an addictive nature that might keep you from doing more important chores. Great Little War Game also gets some good reviews from gamers magazines.      

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