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100 Floors App Review


 100 floors100 Floors Rank: #57 on the Top 100 Free iPhone Apps List as of July 18th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad 100 floors gets some great reviews and is currently the number 1 game on the App Store – a pretty impressive feat. Basically you have to work your way to the 100th floor by solving each puzzle on each floor. Supposedly floor 84 is a real nightmare to try and figure out as you have to have the exact timing with pressing the buttons to complete it. 100 floors is completely free with no in-app purchases to be had so try it at your own free will – it seems to rather addictive. The graphics for 100 floors are quite neat, but that’s reflected in the size being about 80MB. With constant updates from the developers, there are new floors being released on a weekly basis. Created by Tobi Apps, it has a 4+ star rating with nearly 15,000 user reviews. The latest update was June 21st 2012, and a few tips have been handed over by the developers to help you progress. As you would with the iPhone and iPod touch, simply pinch, poke, tilt, swipe, and shake to discover new ways to get to the next level.100 Floors App Review You can collect bits and pieces on the way to help you progress; for example, for the first floor, tap the green button for the lift to open the door and then tap the green arrow behind the door to head up to the second floor. Another useful hint when on the second floor is to kick the trash can away to one side, which reveals a grayed-out arrow. Tap that and you're onto the next stage. Floor 84 (as mentioned) does seem to be real tricky, and failing to pass any level means you start at the ground floor again! Maybe the developers will hint at how to pass this conundrum.  

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