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Jump Out! HD App Review


jump out   Jump Out! HD Price: $1.99 For: iPad What could be more banal that helping a creepy crawly escape an obstacle? Jump Out! HD by Big Fish Games, Inc. is out to unveil your inner good when it comes to insects. This game takes you to a whole new perspective. Indeed, insects are one of the most resilient living creatures on this earth. And what could be better to keep them from extinction than by helping them get past the traps set up before them. With three tiers and a total of 30 stages, you will get your money’s worth when you download this game.  Clear each stage by leading your adorable puppy-eyed insects into different sets of obstacles to get past another stage. It is guaranteed you will keep asking for more. With its high definition graphics and spectacular audio, Jump Out! HD is undeniably a sure treat for gamers. And with the wide retina screen of iPad, it will surely give you the best gaming experience ever! Different kinds of insects (snail, cricket, fly, worm, and beetle), have their own special set of skills while you guide them to overcome the obstacle. With their specialized acrobatic skills, you will be amazed how cute these tiny little creatures move. You will be extra careful not to lead these lovable critters into their doom.Jump Out! HD Navigate with your fingertips with its intuitive game play and on-board tutorial. Take the challenge in saving these helpless creatures and win trophies when you’re finished. You are sure to get a reward worthy of your effort. You won’t be stressed out after playing this game. It will change your whole perspective about insects. Indeed, your precious R&R time will be worthwhile. Overall, this is one fun and addicting game for you.

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