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Bakery Story: World Games App Review


 Bakery Story: World GamesBakery Story: World Games Rank: #22 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Create the bakery of your design and astound those snobbish gourmet critics by baking the world’s best tongue-pleasing delights. With the latest release of World Games Edition, competing for prestigious pastry awards just got more exciting. Like all other Team Lava creations, Baker Story World Games edition is free for download. Why this latest edition is a must have? For starters, new recipes allow you to craft Gold Medal Cookies, Pool Pies and Podium Cakes the like the world has never seen. Construct your ideal bakery with fascinating new facilities like the gymnastics counters, trampoline tables, and torches displays. The storylines are given more color with competitions and matches out to give your shop the prestige and recognition it deserves. The designers at Team Lava understand that most bakeries lack the colorful atmosphere of impressing customers and give players the chance to create their very own personalized bake shop. Try all possibilities to entice as many customers as you can to your shop and give yourself a chance to transform your humble shop into the premier world games destination bakery. When designing the perfect bakery the options of variety come aplenty with assorted tables, chairs, wallpapers, art accessories, and other items. Even the menus are attuned to your specifications that allow you to mix and match different recipes and come up with your own patented pastries.    Bakery Story: World Games App Review Social interaction finds itself a venue for friends attempting to corral the bakery market when they are allowed to open shop next door. New contents are released every week that permit friends to constantly out-do the other on latest updates, decors, and treats. The gameplay ensures the genuine feel of opening a real bakery. Graphics and content are stunning, leaving nothing to chance. What should be noted is that this game requires a secure Internet connection to play.

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