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The Weather Channel® For iPad App Review


The Weather Channel® for iPadThe Weather Channel for iPad  Rank: #13 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad It is worth noting that the iPad, unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, doesn’t come with a built-in weather application. The release of the Weather Channel app, solely for iPad, finally gives the device its proper due. Wherever you are, get the latest updates and weather reports with this handy little program that manages to combine scenic landscapes and detailed weather forecasts. There’s a reason the app is only for the iPad: the background images are breathtakingly captivating with high definition photos and weather shots. User interaction allows globe spinning with displays of different weather across the globe and maps can be customized to your settings. This app utilizes in-motion radar for weather accuracy and precision. The weather map keeps you abreast of the latest news coverage, weather experts tweets can be directly accessed, and the app provides pollen information for the U.S. Storm footage and breaking news videos are easily available for viewing. In case of emergencies the push alert notifications instantly warn you of severe weather in your area. The Weather Channel® For iPad App Review The latest version of 3.3.1 is iOS 5 compatible; this version comes with repaired and improved performances giving you the weather experience unlike any other. The Weather Channel is proud of the advanced facilities in its employ, utilizing its patented ultra-local TruPoint weather technology and the weather expertise of its 200 staff and meteorologists. With the arrival of the Weather Channel for iPad, gone are the days when waiting for weather reports required sitting through entire TV news segments. With the tap of a finger, the weather news comes at your disposal.

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