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Scramble With Friends App Review


Scramble With Friends App ReviewScramble With Friends Rank: #86 on the Top 100 Free iPhone Apps List as of July 18th For: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation),iPad Are you a pro when it comes to unscrambling word jumbles? Are you up for a good challenge with your friends to determine just who is the better wordsmith? Scramble With Friends is a fun game that will have you and your friends racing against each other to unscramble random words. You’ll be given a grid that is all jumbled up with letters and your goal is to find the words and fast. Game play is extremely simple, just slide your finger over the letters as you form the words. You can move your finger sideways, backwards, and forwards. Other features of this game include the ability to challenge your friends in three rounds that are two minutes each. The winner is determined by the highest score at the end of three rounds. You’ll be able to get the upper hand in challenges with the help of Inspire, Freeze Time, and Scramble. If you want to challenge one of your friends all you need to do is login with your Facebook account and you’ll have access to your friends list. No worries if your friends are busy, as you can choose to challenge a random opponent instead from anywhere in the world.Scramble With Friends App Review This new version addressed the bug that was found in older ones that sometimes gave users the “server busy” message. As well you’ll quickly notice the new feel of the game thanks to the fresh new look. The letters on the screen are well-spaced apart and are quite large so the screen itself doesn’t have a busy look to it. In countdown mode, the clock is clearly displayed on the top of the screen so you know exactly how much time you have left. You can follow your competition to see how they’re doing and even compare your best words (highest scoring) with other words people have used. This is one of those games that becomes extremely addictive very quickly as you try to out-best not just your friends but yourself as well.

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