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Calculator Pro For iPad Free App Review


Calculator Pro for iPad FreeCalculator Pro for iPad Free Rank: #28 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Unlike its Apple counterparts, the iPad comes with limited accessories and the calculating device just isn’t one of them. Seeking apps that assist in computing can be quite an inconvenience and anyone who’s experienced this would often resort to other mobile devices or purchase some 3rd party app for their mathematical needs. The arrival of the Calculator Pro signifies an end to complicated alternatives and a more seamless way of resolving numerical issues. The application is free and comes as the perfect accessory for your iPad when other applications charge more for limited functions. The Calculator Pro for iPad features two diverse modes for calculating; the standard mode which is handy for basic computations, and the scientific calculator that computes complex arithmetic equations. Also fitting your preference, the calculator pro is easily positioned to landscape or portrait view. Its ability to address numerical degrees and execute radian functions is another added feature. Editing erroneous inputs are easily edited with a swipe of your finger, while encoding digits from another application can be easily copied and pasted. Calculator Pro For iPad Free App Review Unlike most calculators that performs solely to the task at hand, the Calculator Pro functions at relative ease with its multi-function setup. Those fielding accounting sheets or filling tax forms are able to eliminate the need for jotting down previous computations when simultaneous programs can be assigned to address different problems. The latest version 1.6 has redefined its current setup by enhancing the operating performance that opening more than 20 calculators still won’t result in crashing. The calculator Pro was designed to forgo the need for other devices, especially when other applications require another app to assist in either complex or multi-task issues.

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