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Sports Illustrated Live From London 2012 App Review


Sports Illustrated Live From London 2012 App ReviewSports Illustrated Live from London 2012 Rank: #25 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad As the Olympic season continues full-swing the folks at Sports Illustrated ceaselessly deliver updated coverage and live news on the latest updates with the Sport Illustrated Live from London 2012 app. With your mobile device, getting information about your favorite team or athlete anytime and anywhere is possible with just a tap of the finger. The program comes with instant updates on medal tallies, Games information, and the latest results. Its detailed schedule provides you with the upcoming Games itineraries and a glimpse ahead of the events to which you can look forward. Stunning pictures and relevant articles from Sports Illustrated’s top journalists and camera crews also provide video recalls of the daily highlights. Users get a chance to connect with Twitter friends on Games updates and share stories that speak of insightful topics throughout the London sporting arenas. Whether its captivating photographs or informative articles that clearly capture the precious moments in your favorite sports, the Sports Illustrated’s app does not disappoint. Aiming to provide excellent breaking news and professional journalism, this handy application no longer has fans waiting for the next monthly issue to recap highlights. Sports Illustrated Live From London 2012 App Review If there’s one thing Sports Illustrated has always been about is the amazing visuals with each photograph published. The excellent crop of photographers have always managed to replicate the accuracy and precision in every shot taken; it’s no question why Sports Illustrated is one of the most trusted sources for your Olympic coverage. Experiencing the golden moments in the 2012 Olympics through the eyes of the Sports Illustrated application comes as a once in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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