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Super Pretzel Factory App Review


Super Pretzel Factory App ReviewSuper Pretzel Factory Rank: #29 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch The pretzel industry is in dire need of an excellent baker and an exemplary manager in running the Super Pretzel Factory. Your task is to control the business from running to the ground by devising your own innovative and edible pretzels in hopes of corralling the entire market. It’s free and just like all starting employees learning the trade and experiencing the ropes is something that simply cannot be purchased. The game revolves around engineering your version of Super Pretzels, SoftStix laden with cheddar cheese and PretzelFils with 6 different fillings. Game play also allows you to multi task around 3 factories. There your skills in baking pretzels are fully mastered as you journey through the ardent process of missing dough, cutting them with precision and baking them into perfection. The choices come aplenty as you decide on the variant toppings and fillings by exacting the right amount. Once fully processed ship them to customers and watch the money roll in. This application also comes with miniature puzzles and side games that lead to super sizing your factory to a more efficient outlet. Additional equipment help increase productivity with the arrival of the Pro Mixer, Auto Topper, Auto Filler, Auto Slicer, Auto Burner and the Auto Grabber. Each of these facilities greatly accentuates your pretzel factory into the Super factory one can only dream about.Super Pretzel Factory App Review It’s a learning application as well that educates the player on practical management skills. Game play starts with the player assuming the position of line worker where your satisfactory skills and efficiency can elevate you into the helm of supervision and eventually into pretzel magnate. If you’ve always been curious of how pretzels were made or are planning on opening your very own pretzel shop, this game will help provide the basics while costing nothing.

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