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Calculator For iPad Free App Review


Calculator for iPad FreeCalculator for iPad Free  Rank: #43 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad It’s already a known fact that the iPad does not come with the same accessories that are normally available on iPhones or iPod devices. Calculator for iPad is an application that allows basic and advance modes for your everyday calculation needs. The application is free and greatly compliments the iPad’s lack of computing software. For starters this calculator offers advanced scientific and arithmetic keys that easily shifts from basic calculation portrait view to landscape mode. Equations in need of identifying degrees, radials and percentages are readily available as well. Memory functions replicate that of an everyday calculator which stores previous data for upcoming computations. The finger replaces the backspace features normally observed in all calculators as it manages to wipe erroneous data which a single slide. The latest version of 1.3 comes with fast app switching making it sync better with other existing applications. The set also includes seven skin designs attuned to your personal taste that come in high-definition images and a wider screen. The themes also cover seven stylish suits for your calculator in standard, silver keyboard, retro grey, sticky notes, pink keyboard, happy pink, and wooden theme. Looking fabulous while encoding digits can give it a more professionalized look with its edgy designs, so keep checking updates for more upcoming themes. Calculator For iPad Free App Review The usual problem of reaching for one’s mobile device or scrounging around for some dusty old calculator is quite an inconvenience when instant computations are needed and this application not only fills that need but is free for downloading. Complete your iPad with all sorts of useful applications and convert it into a mobile work desk that eliminates hassles and inappropriate moments by being ready. This is a great program for those constantly involved in accounting and mathematical operations.

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