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Dora Let’s Play Backpack App Review


Dora Let’s Play Backpack – Duo™ Dora Let’s Play Backpack Rank: #42 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Little Dora’s off into another one of her curious adventures and this time she’s taking you along for the ride. Journey with her as she takes a ride in your mobile device to play a game of matching colors with the right answers. This game permits 2 or more players. It’s a free application and offers a learning and fun journey for kids wildly fixated on Dora. The game centers on four exciting games. The first, called “Let’s Pack,” is an organizing game that gives children the chance to decide which objects are best used for what occasion. The second, “Let’s Listen,” helps children identify and determine the different sounds heard along Dora's journey. Third is “Let’s Match,” a challenge game that matches nursery rhymes and assorted objects together. And last is “Say it Two Ways” that instructs children on Spanish words by picking objects whenever they’re called out. This game has Dora leading all 12 adventures with three games per category where an additional 20 more games can be purchased from the App Store. The backpack that accompanies players throughout the game easily rotates when observing and automatically collects all winning tokens. Multiple players are allowed to participate ranging from two people or even groups.
Dora Let’s Play Backpack App Review

 This is a great game when running daycare center or babysitting children and is also a fun way for parents and children to interact and learn. With all those games out there it’s hard to trust which ones provide useful education and don’t deviate from your teachings. “Dora Let’s play Backpack” is exactly that one game to provide good intercultural insight, establish healthy relationships with other children, sharpen your child’s ability to discern things more clearly, and is free for downloading.

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