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Hulu Plus App Review


Hulu Plus App ReviewHulu Plus Rank: #91 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad It’s difficult to work out if this app is completely free or not. On the iTunes description page it states it’s free, so by all means download it, but there seems to be a mandatory in-app purchase or purchases that go with it. So anyway, the features that Hulu Plus includes are essentially the ability to instantly stream current hit TV shows, like the Family Guy, The Office, and Modern Family. You can use it over 3G, WiFi or 4G, but the art of streaming has still yet to be mastered, as it seems there is a loading issue. Whether or not you suffer from the loading issue will determine if you can effectively watch one of these classic seasons or not. If you are successful at streaming a show, you can resume watching where you left off, and not necessarily from your smartphone or tablet. If you have a Smart TV you can obviously do the same on that or any other device that supports Hulu. You do get some advertising.Hulu Plus App Review The latest 2.5.2 version has fixed certain crashes that used to occur on some devices using iOS 4.0 and 4.1. There’s also a new feature called “Shows You Watch," which means the app will recognize the shows you watch and will put them in a place more accessible to find than before. The interface includes a bottom menu listing the featured items, popular, TV shows, a search function, and a more button. This app is only useful to American users.    

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