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Talking Tom Cat 2 For iPad App Review


Talking Tom Cat 2 For iPad App ReviewTalking Tom Cat 2 for iPad Rank: #98 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Talking to Tom was originally just a fun little app where you had only a few options, but its immediate selling point – albeit free – was that Tom the cat repeated (in a bizarrely funny voice) what you said when you spoke into your iPhone. Now this app has progressed from the early days where you would rub his tummy to purr, or pull his tail, or press the fart button to see his neighbour Ben let one off and watch Tom look on in horror. Today, Tom lives and survives in a whole new environment where he’s moved out of the alley and into a mighty fine plush apartment – hence the introduction of visual gifts. This way you can spend your real money on Tom and his pad if you really are a diehard Talking Tom Cat fan. These “epic” new features (as the developers say) include different guises for different times, like a soccer kit or a pair of shades; or you can dress him up as a cowboy, pirate, cop, construction worker, and with many other outfits. Also, as an incentive to play, if you login everyday and play a little you can build up your gold coin collection, getting 25 free a day, and for every push notification you get 200 gold coins.Talking Tom Cat 2 For iPad App Review So now that Tom has become an international celebrity cat he has more issues at hand – these include his neighbor Ben who continues to bother him. As a way of dealing with this daily pestering, there are a number of in-app purchases and the usual quirky and fun surprises like scaring the heck out of Ben by popping a huge paper bag, or randomly disguising Tom so he doesn’t get clobbered by Ben over the head with a pillow.    

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