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WebMD for iPad App Review


WebMD for iPad WebMD for iPad Rank: #85 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad is one of the most popular websites for health and wellness. Countless users have used WebMD to diagnose their ailments ranging from simple coughs to aching pains in various regions of the body. With WebMD for iPad, users are given the opportunity to experience all the benefits of right on their iPad. WebMD for iPad goes for the minimalistic approach when it comes to their layout. A beautiful background is displayed along with six large-sized buttons, each with it's own functionality. A small paragraph giving information about the app and WebMD in general is displayed, along with an option to sign up for a WebMD account. The layout also changes per section of the app as chosen by the user by tapping on any of the buttons. The Symptom Checker, for example, displays a 3D rendering of the human body which then the user can tap on parts of the body they are feeling irregularities in. The app then attempts to narrow down the problem by giving the user options of ailments associated with the body part they've selected. WebMD for iPad App Review Users can interact with the app very easily. Each button is marked clearly so the user isn't confused about what each button will do. For example, the Symptom Checker will take the user to a section of the app designed to check any ailments the user may be experiencing. Functionality throughout the app couldn't be more simplistic. Content on the WebMD for iPad app is very helpful and resourceful. By pulling information straight from the website, users have access to a wealth of information pertaining to any problem he or she may be facing. From acute sinusitis to tonsillitis, users can read up on any problem they believe they or someone they know may have.

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