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Offroad Legends Warmup App Review


Offroad Legends WarmuOffroad Legends Warmup Rank: #62 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPad Do you dream of what it would be like to drive an off-road vehicle through all kinds of crazy terrain and obstacles? Sure, it might be a little too dangerous to do it in real life, but the Offroad Legends Warmup app lets you live out that dream in a virtual world. This Racing and Simulation game immerses you in the world of crazy-looking offroad vehicles as you take part in all kinds of insane challenges. You’ll first need to pick which vehicle category you want to be part of: the 4x4 off-roaders, fun cars, monsters, or the behemoths. Sound intriguing yet? Wait until you see how realistic the vehicles are and experience the incredible graphics on the screen. There are three game modes to test out, insane looking graphics, real-time vehicle information, retina display support for iPhone and iPad, and vehicle tuning. When it comes to controlling your vehicle of choice, the handling is precise and very easy to use. You can crash through obstacles, climb hills, and soar through the air way above bottomless chasms. The crashes are not only realistic-looking but offer pure fun and enjoyment. You’ll be able to take advantage of your customization skills, keep track of your career and as mentioned, tune the car when you visit the garage. The background scenes are not only fun, thanks to all the jumps and wrecked cars, but they are also beautiful with mountains, snow, rocks and dams, and more.Offroad Legends Warmup App Review You’re going to need your very best driving skills to make it through these tracks. The game isn’t just for adults though, as teens will love the challenge of driving these offroad vehicles where crashing up your vehicle is almost as much fun as finishing the track itself! Where this game can improve is to add even more tracks and more vehicles with which to test your skills.

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