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Angry Birds HD Free App Review


Angry Birds HD Free App ReviewAngry Birds HD Free Rank: #57 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Not only is this a highly popular and addictive app, but these particularly angry fellows have their own hugely popular product line-up featuring everything from clothing, toys, and books. Angry Birds HD Free isn’t just any app, it is THE app that everyone talks about and knows about. These adorable little birds with such unhappy scowls have really become a part of pop-culture. The background of the game is that the very survival of the Angry Birds is in your hands. Your job is to make the green pigs pay for stealing the eggs from the birds’ nest which has left the birds extremely angry. Not to worry, the Angry Birds have plenty of tricks and ways of making the pigs pay and you’ll be able to put all of them to good use. The HD Free version will give you eight mini episodes and a total of 24 addicting and fun levels of play. The cool part about this free version is that the mini episodes are ONLY available on this version and were created just for it. Gameplay is all about being destructive but using skill and logic to do it. This game isn’t about just luck and chance and destroying things, you need to actually use physics to be successful in crushing those green pigs.Angry Birds HD Free App Review For those unfamiliar with the game, you need to fling birds at the pigs in order to destroy them. The pigs are smart though and they’ve built fortresses to protect themselves. So first things first, you need to break down those fortresses to get to those green pigs. Use your finger to pull back the slingshot. This version’s aim is pretty accurate and very easy to use. One thing to note is that the larger the screen, such as the iPad versus the iPhone, the easier it is to aim. With more of the screen available to you, it’s just easier to set up your shot.

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