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Around the World in 80 Days App Review


Around the World in 80 Days App ReviewAround the World in 80 Days HD (Premium) Rank: #75 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Do you enjoy puzzle games? Do you like the idea of circumventing the globe in a mere 80 calendar days? If so, travel back into the 19th century with Playrix's Around the World in 80 Days HD – Premium edition. Users are greeted with a beautiful depiction of an old 19th century desk, quill feather pen and all. On the desk rests a beautifully rendered globe with the title of the game sitting perfectly inside. The only instructions given here are to tap to start; a very simplistic and direct command for the user which avoids any and all confusion as to how to start the game. Users are then prompted to enter a gaming handle and are told they have been connected to the Game Center. On the side are buttons to start the game, go to a set of options, explore in-game extras, and to buy the full version of the game as this is not the full featured game. Upon tapping START, the user is given a back-story to the game (which will not be spoiled in this review) and is brought to the first level of the game. To play the game, users must create matches of three gems in a row by swapping adjacent tiles. Some moves can create combos which are indicated by increasing pitch tones and increased scores on the left hand side. When four or more gems are knocked out in a single swipe, users are given power-ups like the Hammer power-up for various ways of extending the pleasure of the game.Around the World in 80 Days App Review The user completes a level when both book pieces are strategically placed together in a row. The player is then told his or her current time it took to complete the level followed by best overall time. Overall, Around the World in 80 Days HD (Premium) is a great game for those who have played and mastered classic titles such as Bejewelled and is the perfect addition to any puzzle gamer's collection of iPad apps.

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