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Strike Knight HD App Review


Strike Knight HD App Review Strike Knight HD Rank: #83 on the Top 100 Free iPad Apps List as of July 28th For: iPad Are you a die-hard hockey fan but also love the thrill of knocking pins over at your local bowling alley? Strike Knight HD from Backflip Studios is a way to combine two of your favorite sports into one. Knock down 10 pins with the swipe of a hockey puck in this awesome iPad game. When the game is started, the first thing the user will see is a beautiful rendering of an old-style bowling alley with options to play a single player mode, pass & play mode, and a "more" option. The user is also given the ability to connect to the iOS Game Center to compete with their friends who are also playing Strike Knight HD. When the user begins a game, he or she is brought to a point-of-view rendering of a lane. At the start of the lane is what looks akin to a hockey puck and at the end of the lane are bowling pins. The user simply swipes the hockey puck-like object toward the pins to play the game. It's that simple. Towards the top of the screen, users will notice the emblem “Strike Knight” with an animated knight who's animations are triggered when the user knocks pins down. The ambiance of this game will be noted by users almost immediately. While playing this game, users will get a feel for being in a real bowling alley as Backflip Studios has paid close attention to crowd noises, correct sounds for number of pins that drop, as well as voicing the animated Knight who either applauds you for doing well or disgraces you for not doing well. This is greatly appreciated because it will immerse the user into the gaming experience versus a static game with no attention to detail.Strike Knight HD App Review Strike Knight HD is a very simplistic game but it is not without faults. The first annoyance that comes form this game is a lack of landscape support. This game can only be played using the portrait setting of the iPad. This can be annoying to users due to the lack of screen real estate than can be made up if the iPad could be turned onto its landscape mode. Overall, Strike Knight HD is a wonderful game to play on the iPad. The detail of ambiance coupled with the addicting notion of knocking pins down using a hockey puck makes for a very addictive game. If you enjoy hockey and bowling and appreciate a good gaming experience, Strike Knight HD is the game for you.

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