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Minecart Chase


Minecart ChaseMinecart Chase Price: $0.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Grammatical mistakes on the iTunes description aside, the game looks pretty fun and quite quirky. The game appears to have adapted the original theme from Raider’s of the Lost Ark Trilogy with an outer space conclusion spun into it. In this case the main character is Harrison Jones, a world-renowned archaeologist who, while stumbling through the Shadow of Temple, comes across a mystical “frozen diamond." However, all is not what it seems as when he leaves the Shadow of Temple, the darkness descends and it’s down to Jones’s survival skills to get himself out of this sticky dilemma. Described as a “speedy casual arcade game,” there are no reviews as yet to comment on but it’s free to download and the graphics have an exciting arcade feel about them. So the game’s objective is to rescue – or steal – the frozen diamond and then get to the UFO as soon as possible. In comes the mine cart, which, with the power of the frozen diamond and hidden keys and additional in-app purchases, you get to steer the cart through wild and tropical places as you escape from the army of darkness.Minecart Chase The game includes over 50 missions, where if you can muster up enough skill to reach the “Great Slide,” your power will shoot through the roof. There are five upgrades which start off at $1.99 for a half-price deal on coins to boost your energy, all the way up to the two $19.99 purchases. The first one is the “Ultimate Coin Package” and the second the “Gold Cart.” Each of the 50 levels have unique conditions so don’t expect to get bored of this any time soon! Constant upgrades will no doubt result in new additions to the game.          

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