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AVStreamerHD App Review


AVStreamerHD App Review AVStreamerHD Price: $4.99 For: iPad For the cost of just under $5, AVStreamerHD is designed to instantly stream movies, TV, games, and audio directly to your PC or Mac at up to 30 frames per second. “Watch TV on Your PC” has long been a marketing tool blasted over the Internet for at least five years now, if not longer; but in all seriousness, unless your cable or wi-fi access is excellent, buffering is just something taken for granted. From downloading eBooks, to running files, to free 30-day streaming and endless pop-ups, the term "watching TV on your PC"  is kind of accepted as the impossible. However, AVStreamHD argues that this is possible where you can manage your PC with the AVStreamer Hub Server on one single account without the need to get techy and configure it yourself. Its main features include multimedia streaming, desktop streaming, camera and TV streaming to the PC (not Mac), remote control, playback speed control, and the special feature: the built-in multimedia player. AVStreamerHD App Review AVStreamer must be downloaded from the website in order to install it on your PC or Mac and is supported by Vista, XP SP2 and above, and Windows 7 32/64 bit. In order to avoid any potential buffering (which if possible then this really is worth just $4.99), it’s highly recommended that you have a Core 2 Duo processor as part of your hardware or an even more powerful processor. Latest version 1.03 supports OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), it includes movie playback control with Bluetooth, and the developers have added a delete button in the folder and server list. Only very recently released on the shelves at iTunes, there is only one review to go by, which claims it’s a fantastic app for streaming.          

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