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Schwizzle app review: for the love of puzzles



Puzzle games are the type that can really draw the player in and are incredibly addictive when they offer the right amount of challenge. The Schwizzle app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone strives to hit that perfect balance of challenge, addiction, and good old-fashioned fun. This is a game that is meant to test your wits and may just leave you feeling a bit frustrated but in a really fun way. In fact if you manage to solve the puzzle and “beat Schwizzle,” you’ll be feeling like a true pro.

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Unique and Cool

There are plenty of words you can use to describe this game and two that instantly pop into my head are "unique" and "cool." It is meant to be incredibly difficult so that you are able to challenge your mind. You will be working to un-Schwizzle the game board, which is clearly no easy task. Learning how to play the game is simple and fun but mastering it is a whole other story that takes plenty of time. When you launch this game you need to be prepared for a game board like no other you have ever experienced.

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This game is free to download and play however there is a Pro version available as an in-app purchase. With the Pro version you can "Schwizzle" any image you want. This upgrade is available for $0.99. The app was recently updated to include a minor bug fix. There are currently no customer comments nor a customer rating for the app.


A beautiful user interface
A beautiful user interface

Un-Schwizzle the Images

It’s time to get started with Schwizzle, which means it’s time to jump into a puzzling challenge. You will be working to solve these image puzzles by figuring out what they really are. There is a pause button you can use at any time and you'll notice there is a time clock ticking away in the upper right-hand side. The time clock can be hard to see just because of the vivid and many colors on the game board. I really enjoy that the different puzzles use a variety of colors, shapes, and layouts which help to make it more difficult to solve.

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The user interface is beautiful, mesmerizing, and very user-friendly. I think the approach the developers have taken with this app is really quite brilliant as they manage to stick out in a category that is pretty full. This is the type of app that will bring you back time and time again.


Challenging and gorgeous gameplay
Challenging and gorgeous gameplay



Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful, modern, high-tech user interface
  • Solving the puzzles is challenging and fun
  • The app is incredibly user-friendly
  • The graphics are vivid and bright


  • There aren’t a lot of added tools and options here; it is kept quite basic


Schwizzle screenshot
Schwizzle screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Schwizzle app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and offers players a unique twist on your classic puzzle-style game.



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