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RefMe app review: bibliographic entries made simple



RefMe is an iPhone and iPad endnote and bibliographic reference generator. I downloaded it to assist a student with her college referencing, and it has been invaluable! I love how easy it is to input the information from a website, book, article, and so on. Not only do you get a quick, properly formatted reference, but you can change the reference style from Chicago to MLA and back with ease.

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RefME - Citations Made Easy


Flexible Tool for Referencing

RefMe is an invaluable app for students, and non-fiction writers of all kinds. If you are writing a research paper, this app will create your reference for you! You can then easily export your references by emailing to yourself or to Evernote.

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Multiple styles of referencing mean that you don’t need a separate app for each style. MLA, Chicago, MHRA, APA, Turbain, Oxford, Vancouver, Harvard, and even a slot for Other are available and it is super easy to switch between the styles with a sliding wheel of the options.


RefME screenshot 1
RefME screenshot 1

Can’t I Do This Online?

Well sure you can, but RefMe is in your hand while you are typing your paper. If you are typing it up on your iPad, then this is very useful. Rather than finding another website for the new referencing style your professor has insisted you use, even though he or she is the only professor who uses that style in the department, you can go to the app and scroll to the style the professor have selected. If it’s their own invention, go to the other slot and teach the app how to reference Professor X style!

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The problem with online referencing is that it often does not have an export. This is fine as you can simply copy and paste into your word processor, but RefME not only formats it and exports it, it also alphabetizes the entries so that you don’t have to. It really does do the whole bibliography for you!

Need in-text references? It shows you how to do those in the required style properly! Need a footnote? Those are often slightly different than the bibliographic entry, but never fear, RefME comes to the rescue! Can you tell I’ve enjoyed this app?


RefME screenshot 2
RefME screenshot 2

RefME - Citations Made Easy


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Eight style options plus a custom Other slot
  • Bibliography, in text, foot note, and end note notations formatted correctly
  • You can switch between formats if you forgot to change the style before starting
  • You can save multiple essays and name them for future reference
  • Export my email or Evernote


  • May not be faster than a website entry, but more versatile


RefME screenshot 2
RefME screenshot 2

Final Thoughts

RefMe for iPad and iPhone is an awesome app for helping you correctly list your bibliographic entries correctly. Many professors nit-pick to find the punctuation errors in the bibliographies at the end of the research papers. This app will prevent this issue, and also get the end notes, foot notes, in text references, and so on all correctly formatted. This app is very useful, and I would suggest it to anyone attending college, university, or even high school.


RefME - Citations Made Easy

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