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Boston Local News app review: 360 news



With so many credible and wonderful news sources emerging with various spins on the same news story, it's important to follow multiple news sources to ensure that you are not missing out on the various perspectives provided. Boston Local News is an iPhone and iPad app that aims to bring its users quick and easy access to the top news sources from around the city.

All the news channels as well as individual articles are specially formatted so they fit your iPhone and iPad screens so you not only get great content, but it's also presented in on a lovely interface.

You can find this iPad news app in the News section of the App Store where it is available for purchase for just 99 cents. This is an ad-free app, so the nominal cost is very reasonable.

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Boston Local News


News Sources & Presentation

You'll be pleased to know that Boston Local News is very lightweight, taking up less than 1 MB on your iOS device. The lightweight nature of the app is beautifully reflected in its functioning speed and efficiency.

Contained within this small package is a very beautifully selected variety of news sources. This includes the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Mass High Tech, Boston Business Journal, Boston Magazine, NBC Boston - WHDH, ABC Boston - WCVB, CBS Boston - WBZ, FOX Boston - WFXT, Boston, and Boston Weather.

With more news sources comes more information and a wide variety of perspectives so you can form your own opinion on current affairs rather than being influenced by a single news source which is aiming to spin its content to match their agenda. This is definitely one of the biggest perks of choosing Boston Local News over other news apps.

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News Sources & Presentation image

Functions and features

Upon launching the app, the main interface will be presented to you with all the news sources categorized by the source type such as Newspapers, TV News, and Magazines & Blogs. By tapping on any news source, you will be taken to the Top Stories page of that source, where you'll be able to see in chronological order all the latest headlines from around Boston.

You'll find a weather widget at the top of the screen along with the official logo and a matching theme to the source. The widget displays the current cloud conditions as well as the local temperature which is triangulated based on your GPS location.

When you tap on any news story, you'll find that you can easily save it to your personal favorites section, or share it with your friends and family by emailing it to them through this app.

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Functions and features image

Boston Local News


Pros & Cons


  • Brings users a variety of news sources from around the city of Boston
  • Helps users gain various perspectives about the local events rather than just one stream of information which is spun to serve the network's agenda
  • Includes a weather widget
  • Enables easy sharing through email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

If you live in Boston, Boston Local News is a must-have on your iPhone or iPad as it'll help you get through the day with ease while keeping you updated on the local news from a curated mix of news sources. Highly recommended as this could be the best news app for iPad and iPhone users who live in or near Boston!

Boston Local News

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