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Pop Star Dress Up app review: dress like a star



It seems like most girls dream about what it would be like to be a celebrity pop star and the life they would lead. The Pop Star Dress Up app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to stop dreaming and instead dress up your own star. You'll get to step into the role of celebrity stylist to six of the hottest pop stars out there. You'll be dressing and accessorizing them in this fun game that even features a "Who Wore it Best" contest.

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Pop Star Dress Up: Fashion Guru


Celebrity Stylist Extraordinaire

Here’s your chance to prove to everyone you’ve got what it takes to be a celebrity stylist with the Pop Star Dress Up game. While the game is perfect for little girls the fact is that this one can be played by all age groups - basically anyone that wants to have a little fun with their artistic abilities when it comes to clothes. As mentioned you will be picking from a choice of six different pop stars then dressing them, doing their hair, adding mics and guitars, and of course, all the most trendy accessories.

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The game is free to play but many of the features/items are locked and require in-app purchases. You can make individual in-app purchases of $0.99 each or you can unlock everything with a $3.99 purchase. The app has three out of five stars from users so it seems there is still more that they are asking for with this offering. Some users have complained about the lack of selection, the type of clothing available, and the fact that most of it isn't available in the free version.

Pick your pop star
Pick your pop star

Dress Your Celebrity Pop Star

There are plenty of cute features in this app such as the ability to mix and match styles, they don't have to be from the same star's wardrobe. You will be able to put together virtual magazine covers for the fictional pop star publication, enter the "Who Wore it Best" contest, and even get fashion tips from the Fashion Guru. The Swag Suite is a cool place you can visit to fill your bag full of neat items.

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For me the gaming experience is pretty cute and fun. I can see where users are coming from that the selection isn’t always the best and it is unfortunate so many items are locked but with that aside gameplay is smooth, simple, and really pretty fun.

Clothing is expensive so you'll go through your money fast
Clothing is expensive so you'll go through your money fast

Pop Star Dress Up: Fashion Guru


Pros and Cons


  • Dress up six different pop stars (Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Nicki M., and Katy Perry
  • Take part in the Who Wore it Best Contest
  • Mix and match items from the celebrity wardrobes
  • Kid-friendly gameplay and controls
  • The soundtrack features songs from pop stars (instrumental version)


  • Many of the items are locked
  • Some users are happy with the selection of clothing
  • The characters don’t really look like the actual pop stars
  • You run out of “money” fast so you won’t be able to purchase many items

Put them in magazine covers
Put them in magazine covers

Final Thoughts

The Pop Star Dress Up app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives kids a chance to step into the role of a celebrity stylist in a fun and user-friendly way.


Pop Star Dress Up: Fashion Guru

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