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MileBuddy app review: track your mileage



If you require a way to professionally and accurately track your mileage and expenses then an app such as this one can be invaluable. The MileBuddy app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is meant for anyone who needs to keep track of either expenses and/or their car's mileage. Everything is done in a professional and easy-to-understand way and the app can even support multiple vehicles. What's great is that you can then export your data in order to send it to your employer or just keep for your own records.

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Mile Pal - Milage Log & Trip Expense Tracker Pro


Accurately Track Your Mileage

If you travel often for work then you need to be able to track your car's mileage in a way that is quick and simple. There is no time to be bogged down by an overload of features and tools; you just need a basic and reliable tool. Use this app as your odometer distance and trip meter. There is octane, location, driving conditions, and payment fields that you can fill in. It's more than just mileage, as you can also use this fuel tracking app to track your expenses. It should be noted that the app uses the IRS tax deduction rates set in 2013 and 2014 under the categories of business, charitable, and medical and moving.

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The app doesn't require any in-app purchases and in its last update there was only a very minor enhancement. The app has four out of five stars from users but the comments themselves are mixed. Users seem to be having issues with the stability of the app and the currency that is being used.

A user-friendly way to track mileage
A user-friendly way to track mileage

The User Experience

There's a nice variety of features in this app include the fact it has data backup so you never have to worry about losing your information. You can track mileage for business, charities (multiple ones), medical, and there is another category. The app even offers international support so if you are traveling outside of the country you'll have no problems at all. Just set your preferences in the settings menu. You can email your reports and the information in here is IRS compliant so you know you can count on it to be accepted as accurate (calculation-wise).

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Now when it comes to the reports the app is able to provide you with you're able to set the date range of it. You can then see the deduction amount for each trip and even by categories.

Gives you the ability to track multiple expenses
Gives you the ability to track multiple expenses

Mile Pal - Milage Log & Trip Expense Tracker Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Gives users a quick and easy way to track mileage and expenses
  • Create a professional looking report with your information
  • Set the date range for your report
  • Reports can be emailed
  • Uses IRS compliant information


  • Users have experienced issues with the app crashing
  • This is a basic mileage tracker and may not have enough tools and features for you

Email your deduction reports
Email your deduction reports

Final Words

The MileBuddy app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to easily track your mileage and expenses. This option is quite basic but that’s part of its allure because it’s so easy and fast to use.

Mile Pal - Milage Log & Trip Expense Tracker Pro

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