Diabetes Companion app reviewDiabetes Companion Price: Free For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad The Diabetes Companion app by dLife will become your diabetes partner if you or someone you care for has diabetes. Through the app, you have access to all the resources of the dLife website. With it, you can get answers from experts, track your blood glucose levels, watch videos on the disease, and look up healthy foods and recipes. As a side note, the app tracks levels in mg/dl only, so Canadian users and those who track using mmol/l will have to this into consideration. With Diabetes Companion, you can watch over 400 videos. Choose from among more than 30 categories to view, or do a keyword search to find the video you want. Videos include practical info, stories of people with diabetes, and cooking demos. If you’re looking for ideas for healthy meals and snacks, then this app has you covered. There are more than 9,000 recipes and information on 25,000 foods. All recipes tell you prep time, the nutritional info, ratings, and include an ease-of-use scale so you can choose recipes suitable to your level of skill.Diabetes Companion app review It’s easy to track and manage your blood glucose levels. You can: record blood glucose, insulin, and carb data in order to track it; enter your exercise and exertion level for workouts; log your blood glucose levels and meal before and after an event; view daily, weekly, and monthly blood glucose levels; email your diabetes info to your doctor or anyone else; and use color-coded results so you can easily see high or low ranges; set custom target ranges. This app is fantastic for keeping track of your BG levels. The app was updated to Version 1.0.8 on April 18, 2012. Updates made performance improvements. Diabetes Companion has 202 three-star ratings and the current version has 2.5 stars averaged over 26 ratings. Feedback is mixed; users are disappointed that the “share” function doesn’t send carb and insulin data, only blood glucose levels.