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MyPics app review: keep your precious memories organized



There is nothing more frustrating than shootin gthat perfect video or capturing the perfect shot only to lose it in the mess of all your files. The MyPics app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with an easy way to manage videos and photos. This is a multi-functional tool that acts as a photo viewer, editor, and photo/video manager. Go ahead: customize the design of the app and create folders to help you out. You'll never have to waste time looking for that video or photo file again.

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MyPics - A Powerful Photo Viewer, Editor and Manager


Widely Used and Loved

The MyPics app has been downloaded by more than 2,000,000 users who are loving all it has to offer. The app makes it possible to smoothly organize all your videos and photos, create albums, choose from 45 different themes, choose your album cover, and so much more. The app has been designed for every day use so there is no need to be some sort of techie genius in order to understand it. This is really meant for anyone who loves taking pictures and movies and wants to be able to go back and enjoy them without spending all kinds of time searching for them.

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This photo management app is free to use but there are a couple of in-app purchases available that range in price from $0.99 to $1.99. The app has four out of five stars from users. In its most recent update there were a number of small fixes made. Users have described it as being easy to use, handy, and well-designed.

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How the App Works

Using the MyPics app is very simple. Your original data is never changed and you will import videos and photos from your Camera Roll leaving the original one where it was and unchanged. Location and time stamps are also imported which then allows you to view things in calendar view.

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To manage your photos and videos you will be able to create an album and then add items to it. Additional features include being able to add notes, tags, and display the photo location on a map. When you are searching for a file you can do so by tags, notes, or file name. Albums can be edited, customized, and deleted any time you want. To ensure your files are kept safe you can back them up through Dropbox and iTunes file sharing. Speaking of sharing you can share your files by email, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, and the app supports AirPlay.

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MyPics - A Powerful Photo Viewer, Editor and Manager


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly so that anyone can benefit from it
  • Create, customize, edit, and delete folders
  • Search for photos and videos by tags, location, or file name
  • Share files by social media or email
  • No modifications are ever made to the original file


  • Users are asking for more features and tools
  • There had been a number of bugs with the app

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Final Thoughts

The MyPics app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to keep yourself completely organized when it comes to your videos and photos.

MyPics - A Powerful Photo Viewer, Editor and Manager

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