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Best iPad apps for combining photos


Taking photos can be fun for amateurs and professionals. But, what do you do with those photos once you've taken them? Check out our list of the best iPad apps for combining photos.     Best iPad apps for combining photos#1 - Photo Wall Pro - Collage App Price: $2.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Create your own photo collage and give it a professional look with Photo Wall Pro - Collage App. Select a background from over a dozen to choose from and insert texts or stickers. With its simple and intuitive interface you will have an easy time making some beautiful looking collages.       Best iPad apps for combining photos#2 - PhotoTangler Collage Maker Price: $2.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Another app to make your ordinary photos into amazing ones is PhotoTangler Collage Maker. The edges of the photos are fuzzy and dreamy, which can give your photos a Hollywood type feel.     Best iPad apps for combining photos#3 - Fracture Price: $0.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad This app certainly offers you a unique way to combine your pictures. Turn your plain picture into an abstract work of art. Combine different photos and you will absolutely love the result. It's also very easy to use, and after crafting your picture, you can easily share it anywhere!       Best iPad apps for combining photos#4 - MyPictureMosaic  Price: $1.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Another app that creates a unique picture out of the old plain image is MyPictureMosaic. It will create a cool mosaic made up of all your  photos as tiles. By zooming in you can see the details of the small pictures clearly and you can take out unwanted images.       Best iPad apps for combining photos#5 - AutoStitch Panorama  Price: $1.99 For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad If you are a serious photographer then this app is a must have. By taking photos at different angles AutoStitch Panorama will combine these photos into a single shot and you get to choose any shape you want. With its simple and instinctive interface, even non-professionals will find this app useful and fun.         If you like this list then check out our list of the Best iPhone apps for Combining Photos.  

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