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MilGPS Tactical GPS app review: providing accurate GPS data for navigating unfamiliar areas



MilGPS Tactical GPS - Navigation and MGRS Grid Tool for Land Navigation is a premium quality GPS land navigator with military-grade features. This app can help find your way through difficult terrain and unfamiliar areas. Developed by Cascode Labs, it is compatible with iPad and iPhone and requires iOS 7.0 or later. It also needs cellular data for quick location fixes and Internet connection to load the maps and grids.

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MilGPS - MGRS & USNG Grid GPS for Land Navigation


Trusted Technology in Your GPS Tool

GPS is a very useful technology that already helped millions of people. With the increasing sophistication of modern programs and devices, this technology is now generally available to the public and can be used for personal navigation.

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You can now enjoy the benefits of GPS technology by using MilGPS Tactical GPS. This app is one of the most trusted land navigation tools in the world today. It is being used by rescue workers, emergency personnel, and professional navigators. Even some military personnel are active users of this app. It offers cutting edge GPS technology with grid overlay and updated maps.

MilGPS Tactical GPS makes it easier for you to find your destination with its easy to use interface, accurate location readings, and state of the art waypoints system. You can customize this app to suit your navigation requirements. 

Features of MilGPS Tactical GPS

MilGPS Tactical GPS offers real-time display of your current location. The app is capable of showing accurate locations even without cellular signal. But if you require quick location fixes, it is recommended to activate the cellular data of your iOS device.

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The app uses the latest Military Grid Reference System and the U.S. National Grid for establishing accurate location mapping. It is also compliant with the standard UTM for determining map coordinates along the longitude and latitude lines.

MilGPS Tactical GPS displays its readings in bold large texts so you can easily read them even in low light conditions. It is a useful feature for night navigation and for those traveling through dense forests.

One of the best features of MilGPS Tactical GPS is its customizable waypoints system. The app allows you to create unlimited number of waypoints for different destinations. Waypoints are editable and you can change their settings anytime you want.

This app uses Google Maps and Apple Maps to give you a real time view of terrain and current location. You can set your waypoints over the maps to see different distances between destinations. The app also allows you to superimpose the USNG and MGRS over the maps for more accurate plotting of your waypoints.

MilGPS - MGRS & USNG Grid GPS for Land Navigation


Pros & Cons


  • Superior GPS technology
  • Uses MGRS and USNG
  • With customizable waypoints
  • Supports scrolling maps
  • Shows magnetic true north and grid north
  • Different map views including satellite, standard, and hybrid
  • Bold text display


  • Requires Internet connection to load maps
  • Requires cellular data for quick location fixes

Final Thoughts

MilGPS Tactical GPS is a full featured land navigation tool packed with the latest cutting-edge technologies. It is considered as one of the most trusted GPS applications in the world. You can use its waypoints and mapping tools to make your trips safer and more convenient.


MilGPS - MGRS & USNG Grid GPS for Land Navigation

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