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Solitaire - Play the most fun and classic solitaire app review: offering stress-free classic Klondike solitaire



Game Labs’ Solitaire brings to your iOS device the most popular and well-loved classic Klondike solitaire. It follows the basic rules of Klondike with no variations. So, if you are familiar with solitaire, then you will have no trouble playing this game. It offers a timed game for improving your score and a stress-free unlimited mode. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Solitaire - The best way to play the classic game


Enjoy a Relaxing Game of Solitaire

Classic solitaire is also known as a patience card game, for obvious reasons. Gameplay is simple but it offers unparalleled level of depth with more than seven trillion possible hand combinations. Experts believe that you can win at solitaire 79% of the time. With impressive gaming depth and high chance of winning, this game has endured over the centuries.

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Game Labs’ Solitaire app for iOS recreates the classic Klondike where you aim to complete the four foundations in proper order by rank and suit. This game does not deviate from the original version which means there is really no learning curve involved.

What’s notable about this app is its impressive graphical display perfectly suited for mobile devices. The cards are clearly visible with a good light wood background.

When you open Solitaire, you will be welcomed by a minimalist home screen that gives access to the game board, settings, and stats. You can also choose the type of card-draw from here.

Tap Play to start a session and the app automatically deals the cards. Everything that you can expect from a classic solitaire is presented in the app. The foundation is at the top of the game board; the stock and waste piles are at the upper right corner; and the tableau occupies most of the screen.

Solitaire supports drag and drop for moving cards. Double tapping on a card sends it to the foundation deck. The game auto-completes a session when all cards are revealed. You can then re-play the game either in timed or unlimited mode.

Best Features of Solitaire App

Solitaire has a highly responsive gaming interface. It supports drag and drop to move cards and double tap to send cards to the foundation stack. It offers uncomplicated controls that make this game truly enjoyable.

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The game has impressive graphics optimized for small screen mobile devices. The cards are vibrant with rich colors and visible numbers. There's a relaxing background display that resembles exotic wood.

Solitaire allows you to play a timed game to improve your score. It records your best times, best scores, and number of games won. While this game offers single-player mode only, it supports global leaderboard via the Game Center where you can compete for the best scores against other players from around the world.

Solitaire - The best way to play the classic game


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Impressive graphics
  • Supports Game Center leaderboard
  • Easy touch controls
  • Allows you to play timed games
  • With auto-save and resume options
  • Auto-complete for winning session
  • Works offline


  • Needs to support landscape mode

Final Thoughts

Game Labs’ Solitaire app recreates the classic Klondike solitaire. It offers relaxing gameplay with impressive soothing graphics. The app has a number of exciting features including Game Center support, timed game, and unlimited games.


Solitaire - The best way to play the classic game

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