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SJ Messenger app review


SJ Messenger

Price: $49.99

Safety Jabber Messenger (also called SJ or SJ Messenger) by Triada Development Group is an app that offers encryption for your Internet communications.

Many people mistakenly believe that anything they send online is safe. On the contrary; any communication, whether it be a file, chat, or otherwise, can be hacked or stolen by anyone with the knowledge. If you want to ensure your conversations and file transfers are safe and secure, SJ will help.

Chats could be accessed or read by your ISP, bosses at work, server administrators, or random hackers. Not so with SJ Messenger! When you chat amongst friends using SJ, you can rest assured knowing that your conversations are encrypted using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

When you launch the app, you’ll find it’s as easy to set up as a Facebook or Twitter account.

When you want to send a file, it’s done through Sendspace. The recipient will also receive a password, which he or she uses to decrypt the files. Without the password, a person could view the files but they would be encrypted and unreadable.

The app is integrated with and G-talk messenger networks as well as Facebook.

SJ is also available for your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computer. It was updated on January 17, 2013 and is available in English, Italian, German, and Russian.

I think this is a fantastic idea, but perhaps the cost is a little high for normal users. I don’t know many people who would pay this much, but government entities like police services or other high-risk security businesses would definitely get a lot out of this app.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later






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